Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Remove vendor-locks, utilize the cloud for your needs, and migrate your systems to any cloud using a custom-made migration solution tailored to your needs.

# Why use our Cloud Migration Consulting Services?

After taking multiple on-premise companies to the cloud, and after taking multiple cloud-based companies to multi-cloud solutions, our team gathered the knowledge, tools, and processes required to migrate any operation.
Some of the projects we did include:

  • Migrated on-premise operations to AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Migrated specific workloads running on AWS to Azure for cost reduction
  • Created a multi-cloud and multi-region Kubernetes setup meant to enable orchestrating different workloads in different cloud providers
  • Created network peering setups to support

# What's included in our Cloud Migration Consulting Services?

In order to provide our full cloud migration service, we provide you with:

  • Building a full cloud migration plan based on the company's needs
  • A cloud migration expert from our team executing the cloud migration plan
  • Production-grade checklists to make sure the cloud migration complies with the highest availability standards
  • An architect from the team accompanying the migration process