Full Time

Senior DevOps Engineer

Work with a wide variety of startups and help them take their DevOps operation to the next level.

About The Role

Work with a wide variety of startups and help them take their DevOps operation to the next level.

This Role Is For You If

  • You enjoy working with a wide variety of technologies
  • You want to learn from our team of top-industry experts
  • You are looking for a hybrid work-from-home role
  • You are looking for personal growth opportunities


  • Implement CI processes to improve collaboration
  • Implement CD processes to accelerate the delivery
  • Provision and maintain production environments using IaC tools
  • Improve the availability and performance of various production environments
  • Create & implement tools to automate manual processes
  • Optimize cloud environments for reducing cost
  • Monitor infrastructure and applications for metrics, logs and traces
  • Architect end-to-end cloud environments


  • Strong programming skills in at least one programming language (Python/Ruby/Go/Rust/Java/Javascript)
  • Deep understanding of the Linux operating system (Processes, Daemons, Bash, Volumes, Networking, etc)
  • Designing and implementing of elaborate software architectures in one of the major cloud providers (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • Provisioning high-scale infrastructure in the cloud using IaC tools (Terraform/Pulumi/Cloudformation)
  • Managing and maintaining an orchestrator (Kubernetes/Nomad/Mesos) in a production environment
  • Improving the security of cloud environment by architecting for security and implementing access restrictions and management solutions (VPC/Subnets/RBAC)
  • Implementing CI processes to increase collaboration and streamline the development process (Git/Jenkins/CodeBuild/Github Actions)
  • Improving the software team’s delivery by implementing a Continuous Delivery solution (ArgoCD/CodePipeline/Jenkins)
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