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MeteorOps provides Zero Trust Consulting Services & Solutions to help you plan & implement the most suitable Zero Trust solution for your company.
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How it works?

Using a Zero Trust Solution requires an organized process that starts with mapping your existing system, and planning a solution that fits your existing infrastructure, configurations, development interfaces, and compliance requirements.

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1. We choose the suitable tool for you after understanding your existing system

2. We build a project estimate with a tasks breakdown and time estimates

3. We implement the solution step-by-step while having routine syncs, progress updates, and ongoing technical discussions

Free Project Estimation
Requirements Discussion

Meet & discuss the existing system, and the desired result after implementing the Zero Trust Solution.

Solution Overview

Meet & Review the proposed solutions, the trade-offs, and modify the Zero Trust implementation plan based on your inputs.

Match with a Zero Trust Expert

Based on the proposed Zero Trust solution, we match you with the most suitable Zero Trust expert from our team.

Zero Trust Implementation

The Zero Trust expert starts working with your team to implement the solution, consulting you and doing the hands-on work at every step.



Thanks to MeteorOps, infrastructure changes have been completed without any errors. They provide excellent ideas, manage tasks efficiently, and deliver on time. They communicate through virtual meetings, email, and a messaging app. Overall, their experience in Kubernetes and AWS is impressive."
Mike Ossareh
vp of software, ERISYON
You guys are really a bunch of talented geniuses and it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you"
Maayan Kless-Sasson
Head of Product, iangels
Good consultants execute on task and deliver as planned. Better consultants overdeliver on their tasks. Great consultants become full technology partners and provide expertise beyond their scope.
I am happy to call MeteorOps my technology partners as they overdelivered, provide high-level expertise and I recommend their services as a very happy customer.”
Gil Zellner
Infrastructure Lead, Hourone ai
Working with MeteorOps brings high value to any company at almost any stage.They are uncompromising professionals, who achieve their goal no matter what.״
David Nash
CEO, Gefen ai
We got to meet Michael from MeteorOps through one of our employees. We needed DevOps help and guidance and Michael and the team provided all of it from the very beginning. They did everything from dev support to infrastructure design and configuration to helping during Production incidents like any one of our own employees. They actually became an integral part of our organization which says a lot about their personal attitude and dedication.”
Amir Zipori
Working with MeteorOps was exactly the solution we looked for.
We met a professional, involved, problem solving DevOps team, that gave us an impact in a short term period.”
Tal Sherf
Techops lead, optival
Nguyen is a champ. He's fast and has great communication. Well done!"
Ido Yohanan
They are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise."
Mordechai Danielov
CEO, BitWise MnM
I'm impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery."
Dean Shandler
Software Team Lead, Skyline robotics

Is it time to use
Zero Trust Consulting Services & Solutions?⌛

Check out these questions to help you decide if it's the right time for you to use the services of a Zero Trust Consulting Services & Solutions company

💰 Are your prospects & clients asking about your security compliance?

If missing security certificates such as SOC2 or ISO 27001 is blocking potential deals from getting signed or risking existing clients, implementing a Zero Trust solution could greatly benefit your company by securing your systems and making your company security compliant.

👴🏼 How mature is your Security Roadmap?

Does your company have a clear and mature roadmap with defined goals and a timeline to store sensitive data, secure the networking, enforce policies, implement & improve authentication & authorization, and monitor activity?
If not, it might be time to build it and adopt a continuous approach to improving tools and using tools to implement it.

🔋 How much capacity can you dedicate towards implementing a Zero Trust solution?

If you have a backlog with a list of security tasks that just keeps getting longer, the Zero Trust tasks are stuck on designing a solution for too long, and the Zero Trust implementation tasks are too big to fit in a single sprint - it's probably time to use a company with engineers experienced with implementing it.

🧠 How knowledgable your team is with Zero Trust solutions?

If your team has little to no experience with Zero Trust, you could save them time learning how to do it the best way possible by getting a Zero Trust expert to implement it, document it, and hand it over to your team, while reducing the risk of an implementation that doesn't fulfill the compliance requirements.


Choose the right tool,
Work with the right consultant.

There's an ever-increasing number of Zero Trust tools, and not enough Software Engineers experienced with implementing Zero Trust solutions - That's where our experts come in.


Why use MeteorOps as your Zero Trust Consulting Services & Solutions Provider?

You need good reasons to choose a Zero Trust Consulting Services provider, these are ours

Get the top 0.7%

Because MeteorOps hired 7 DevOps Engineers for every 1,000 engineers vetted

Remove Uncertainty

By getting a detailed work plan crafted before the Zero Trust Implementation Expert starts work

Boost Delivery

With an architect from the team joining discussions, consulting you, and reviewing the work

Be in Control

Using our completely flexible capacity

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Make sure your Zero Trust solution is implemented by a generalist that built simple solutions to complex challenges before


Building a full Zero Trust Solution requires more than just Zero Trust Knowledge

Your company needs an expert that knows more than just Zero Trust, and these are some of the technologies our team is knowledgable with

All Technologies

Make sure your Zero Trust solution is implemented by a generalist that built simple solutions to complex challenges before


Info About Zero Trust

Get basic information about Zero Trust to help you make an informed decision

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a security concept and framework that advocates for a more stringent approach to information security by assuming that threats can originate both outside and inside an organization. Rather than relying on traditional perimeter defenses, like firewalls, to trust anything within the network, Zero Trust operates under the "never trust, always verify" principle. This means that every access request, regardless of where it's coming from, must be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before access is granted.

Why use Zero Trust?

  • Enhanced security against internal and external threats.
  • Reduced risk of insider attacks.
  • Improved compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Greater visibility into network traffic and user behavior.
  • Ability to adapt to the increasing use of remote work and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.
  • Prevention of lateral movement of threats within the network.
  • More granular control over who accesses what data and when.
  • Simplified security infrastructure by eliminating reliance on the traditional perimeter.
  • Encouragement of continuous monitoring and validation instead of periodic audits.
  • Increased agility and ability to adapt to emerging threats.
  • How does Zero Trust work?

    These are the principles that characterize a Zero Trust solution:

    • Never Trust, Always Verify: Treat every access request as if it's coming from an untrusted network, regardless of its location.
    • Identity Verification: Ensure all users and devices are properly authenticated before granting access.
    • Continuous Authentication: Re-authenticate users and devices at regular intervals, not just at the initial access point.
    • Least Privilege Access: Grant users and devices only the minimum access necessary to perform their tasks.
    • Micro-segmentation: Divide networks into smaller zones to limit an attacker's ability to move laterally within the network.
    • Real-time Monitoring: Constantly monitor network traffic, user behavior, and device status to detect and respond to anomalies swiftly.
    • Unified Policy Management: Centralize the management of security policies to maintain consistency across different network segments and devices.
    • Security at the Application Level: Instead of relying solely on perimeter security, ensure individual applications have their own protective measures in place.
    • End-to-End Encryption: Encrypt data in transit and at rest to protect against eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
    • Integrate Security Solutions: Use integrated security solutions that can share intelligence and respond more effectively to threats.
    • Regularly Update and Patch: Consistently update software, applications, and systems to protect against known vulnerabilities.

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