Our mission is to enable companies the freedom to build great software

Your company should be focused on building its product, and we will help you make your software-building abilities your competitive advantage.

Our story in numbers

Some numbers regarding MeteorOps ;)

Experienced Engineers
2.5 years
Founded 2.5 years ago
Clients building their vision
Saved on Cloud Costs

The values behind
our company

Being a part of our family means embracing these values, and making the work you do as fulfilling as possible.

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Hunger for Learning

Actively looking for learning opportunities is what makes a true philosopher.

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Take Ownership

Taking ownership is what makes the difference between building something nice and building something great.

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Make an Impact

Setting clear goals and building a detailed plan to create the changes you want to see in this world is what
makes the work worth the effort.

Our Clients

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