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Save money by eliminating cloud costs - Right-size your infrastructure, and autoscale your workloads.
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How it works?

Saving Cloud Costs requires several steps:

  1. Analyze utilization
  2. Review architecture
  3. Build a plan
  4. Execute the plan
  5. Monitor the results

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The plan contains:

  1. tasks breakdown
  2. time estimates
  3. routine syncs and open channels

Free Project Estimation
Cost Savings Goals Discussion

You tell us about your current cloud spend, and we break it down together into goals

Cloud Costs Analysis

We find your biggest cloud costs savings opportunities and share it with you

Match with a Cloud Costs Savings Expert

Based on the cloud cost analysis, you get the most suitable engineer for implementing the cloud costs reduction

Shrink your Cloud Bill

The cloud cost expert is hands-on shrinking your cloud bill



Thanks to MeteorOps, infrastructure changes have been completed without any errors. They provide excellent ideas, manage tasks efficiently, and deliver on time. They communicate through virtual meetings, email, and a messaging app. Overall, their experience in Kubernetes and AWS is impressive."
Mike Ossareh
vp of software, ERISYON
You guys are really a bunch of talented geniuses and it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you"
Maayan Kless-Sasson
Head of Product, iangels
Good consultants execute on task and deliver as planned. Better consultants overdeliver on their tasks. Great consultants become full technology partners and provide expertise beyond their scope.
I am happy to call MeteorOps my technology partners as they overdelivered, provide high-level expertise and I recommend their services as a very happy customer.”
Gil Zellner
Infrastructure Lead, Hourone ai
Working with MeteorOps brings high value to any company at almost any stage.They are uncompromising professionals, who achieve their goal no matter what.״
David Nash
CEO, Gefen ai
We got to meet Michael from MeteorOps through one of our employees. We needed DevOps help and guidance and Michael and the team provided all of it from the very beginning. They did everything from dev support to infrastructure design and configuration to helping during Production incidents like any one of our own employees. They actually became an integral part of our organization which says a lot about their personal attitude and dedication.”
Amir Zipori
Working with MeteorOps was exactly the solution we looked for.
We met a professional, involved, problem solving DevOps team, that gave us an impact in a short term period.”
Tal Sherf
Techops lead, optival
Nguyen is a champ. He's fast and has great communication. Well done!"
Ido Yohanan
They are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise."
Mordechai Danielov
CEO, BitWise MnM
I'm impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery."
Dean Shandler
Software Team Lead, Skyline robotics

Is it time to use
Cloud Costs Consulting Services & Solutions?⌛

Check out these questions to help you decide if it's the right time for you to use the services of a Cloud Costs Savings Consulting Services & Solutions company

💰 Is the cloud bill growing faster than expected?

If so, you probably want to understand why and get it under control.

Improving your system utilization is your first priority.

📊 Does explaining the cloud bill to finance become harder?

You need to be able to attribute costs to business functions.

If you can't, you might be missing some crucial configurations.

🔋 Do you have enough capacity to analyze and shrink your cloud costs?

If your backlog is growing faster than your cloud bill, you might need some extra capacity.

🧠 Do you lack the required FinOps expertise in-house?

It's tough to invest weeks (or even months) in vetting and hiring a full-time cloud costs savings expert - and you don't have to.

Instead, use the flexible capacity of a pre-vetted expert.


Choose the right tool,
Work with the right consultant.

Saving costs in the cloud requires expertise with the different cloud platforms, as well as with useful cloud costs analysis tools - our team got the chance to save millions of dollars with these tools and clouds

MeteorOps provides AWS Consulting services to help you adopt best-practices, save costs, stabilize, and scale-up your operation.
MeteorOps provides Azure Consulting services to help you adopt best-practices, save costs, stabilize, and scale-up your operation.
MeteorOps provides GCP Consulting services to help you adopt best-practices, save costs, stabilize, and scale-up your operation.
MeteorOps provides KubeCost Consullting Services to help your save money on your Kubernetes clusters

Why use MeteorOps as your Cloud Costs Consulting Services & Solutions Provider?

There are specific things that make MeteorOps the right Cloud Costs Savings partner for most companies

Get the top 0.7%

As MeteorOps hires 7 DevOps Engineers for every 1,000 engineers vetted

Remove Uncertainty

By getting a detailed Cloud Costs Savings Plan crafted before the Cloud Costs Expert starts work

Boost Delivery

With an architect from the team joining discussions, consulting you, and reviewing the Cloud Costs Savings Process continuously

Be in Control

Using our completely flexible capacity and routine progress syncs

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Make sure your Cloud Costs Savings plan and solution are implemented by a generalist that performed complex Cloud Cost Savings before


Building a full Cloud Costs Savings Solution requires more than just Cloud Costs Savings Knowledge

Your company needs an expert who knows more than just Cloud and FinOps - these are some of the technologies our team is knowledgeable with

All Technologies

Make sure your Cloud Costs Savings plan and solution are implemented by a generalist that performed complex Cloud Cost Savings before


Info About Cloud Costs Savings

Get basic information about Cloud Costs Savings to help you make an informed decision

What is Cloud Costs Savings?

Cloud cost savings refer to strategies and practices aimed at reducing expenses associated with using cloud services. This involves optimizing resource usage, selecting cost-effective pricing models, and eliminating waste in cloud infrastructure. Effective management of cloud costs ensures that organizations only pay for the resources they need, leading to more efficient and economical cloud operations.

Why use Cloud Costs Savings?

Using cloud cost savings strategies is essential for several reasons:

  1. Cost Efficiency: By only paying for the resources you need and eliminating wastage, you can significantly reduce your overall cloud expenditure.
  2. Budget Optimization: Cloud cost savings help in better budget management, ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently and effectively towards necessary cloud resources.
  3. Resource Optimization: These strategies involve optimizing the use of cloud resources, ensuring they are utilized to their fullest potential without unnecessary expenditure.
  4. Improved Profit Margins: Lowering cloud costs can directly contribute to improving the profit margins of a business.
  5. Scalability: Effective cost management allows for more sustainable scalability of cloud infrastructure as business needs grow.
  6. Competitive Advantage: By reducing operational costs, companies can gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.
  7. Enhanced Decision Making: Understanding cloud costs aids in making informed decisions about infrastructure and service needs.
  8. Risk Management: Effective cost control strategies can also help in mitigating financial risks associated with cloud spending.

How does Cloud Costs Savings work?

Cloud cost savings work through a combination of strategies and tools designed to optimize spending in cloud environments. Here's how they typically function:

  1. Resource Utilization Analysis: Monitoring tools assess how cloud resources are used, identifying underutilized or idle resources that can be downsized or terminated to save costs.
  2. Right-Sizing Resources: Adjusting the size of computing instances and services to match the actual workload requirements, ensuring you're not overpaying for unnecessary capacity.
  3. Adopting Cost-Effective Pricing Models: Choosing the right pricing models, like reserved instances or spot pricing, which offer lower rates compared to on-demand pricing for predictable or flexible workloads.
  4. Eliminating Wasted Spend: Identifying and removing unused or zombie resources, such as unattached storage volumes or obsolete cloud instances.
  5. Budgeting and Reporting: Setting budgets for cloud spending and generating reports to track and manage costs effectively.
  6. Automating Cost Optimization: Implementing automation tools to make real-time adjustments in resource allocation, ensuring optimal cost efficiency.
  7. Implementing Governance and Policies: Establishing policies for cloud usage that prevent overspending and ensure compliance with budgetary constraints.
  8. Regular Audits and Reviews: Conducting periodic audits of cloud expenses to identify opportunities for cost savings and to adjust strategies as needed.
  9. Using Cost Management Tools: Employing specialized tools like Kubecost or Infracost to provide visibility and insights into cloud expenditures.
  10. Scaling Down During Off-Peak Hours: Dynamically scaling down resources during non-peak hours to reduce costs.

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