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Save cloud costs, improve the quality of delivery, reduce the delivery time, stabilize the operation, and scale it up - all using the flexible capacity of the top 0.7% of DevOps Engineers.
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Our Services


We will interview your DevOps candidates and provide an elaborate scoreboard


We will provide you with DevOps consulting and hands-on work


We will provide you with a DevOps Engineer that will join your team


We will help you build the vision, roadmap and tools for your DevOps team

Testimonials from our clients ♥


“Good consultants execute on task and deliver as planned. Better consultants overdeliver on their tasks. Great consultants become full technology partners and provide expertise beyond their scope.
I am happy to call MeteorOps my technology partners as they overdelivered, provide high-level expertise and I recommend their services as a very happy customer.”

Gil Zellner
Infrastructure Lead at HourOne AI

“We got to meet Michael from MeteorOps through one of our employees. We needed DevOps help and guidance and Michael and the team provided all of it from the very beginning. They did everything from dev support to infrastructure design and configuration to helping during Production incidents like any one of our own employees. They actually became an integral part of our organization which says a lot about their personal attitude and dedication.”

Amir Zipori
VP R&D at Taranis
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״From my experience, working with MeteorOps brings high value to any company at almost any stage.
They are uncompromising professionals, who achieve their goal no matter what.״

David Nash
CEO at Gefen Technologies A.I
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"After going through other similar companies, I have found MeteorOps to have the best professionals, alongside an extraordinary relationship."

Yuval Cohen
CEO at Fillva
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“Working with MeteorOps was exactly the solution we looked for.
We met a professional, involved, problem solving DevOps team, that gave us an impact in a short term period.”

Tal Sherf
Tech Operation Lead at Optival

Our Expertise

We can help you with these things, and much more.

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Collect metrics, logs and traces, and visualize them in a way that creates awareness and actionable discussions.

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DevOps Roadmap

Understand where you stand, where you want to be, and derive a DevOps roadmap to get there.

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Cost Optimization

See your costs clearly, understand where the money goes, and implement solutions to reduce it drastically.

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Design and create new databases, optimize existing databases, and remove scale bottlenecks from your databases.

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Continuous Integration

Help the engineering team collaborate on the same codebase using the right processes, tools and automations.

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Architect and provision your infrastructure.
Adopt infrastructure-as-code tooling, and scale-up your existing infrastructure.

Our Tech Stack

We can help you take these to the next level

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