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Quickly understand what to focus on and get an experienced Cloud Engineer to get it done
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March 18, 2024

What is Cloud Consulting?

Cloud Consulting blends expert advice with hands-on work to transform your business through cloud technology. It kicks off with a thorough assessment of your current IT setup, pinpointing opportunities for cloud integration to boost efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. From there, consultants don't just stop at recommendations; they roll up their sleeves to help implement the right cloud solutions, whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. This includes everything from designing a secure, scalable cloud architecture to migrating services and optimizing existing cloud setups for better performance and cost management. The approach is all about practical, actionable steps—executed alongside your team—to ensure you fully leverage cloud advantages, supporting your business as it innovates and grows.

Our Cloud Consulting Services Suite

Our Cloud Consulting services are part of a wide suite of services we provide to help you on your Cloud journey. The service suite includes Cloud Consulting to build your strategy and gain insights, Cloud Support to get occasional help from a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions to plan an execute an end-to-end Cloud solution, Cloud Outsourcing to get a monthly hours bank of a Cloud Engineer, and Cloud Staff Augmentation to get a pre-vetted Cloud Engineer to join your team.