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Get a pre-vetted Cloud Engineer to plan and work on a project of your choice
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Last Update:

March 18, 2024

What is Cloud Outsourcing?

Cloud Professional Services Outsourcing is about hiring external experts to guide and manage your company's cloud strategy and operations. It covers planning your move to the cloud, migrating data and applications, optimizing for efficiency and cost, and bolstering security and compliance. This way, you get the cloud's full benefits without needing deep expertise in-house. It's a smart move for businesses looking to focus on their main goals while ensuring their cloud setup is top-notch, efficient, and aligned with their growth ambitions. Essentially, it's leveraging external talent to make your cloud journey smooth and impactful, allowing you to tap into advanced skills and technologies as you need them.

Our Cloud Outsourcing Services Suite

Our Cloud Outsourcing services are part of a wide suite of services we provide to help you on your Cloud journey. The service suite includes Cloud Consulting to build your strategy and gain insights, Cloud Support to get occasional help from a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions to plan an execute an end-to-end Cloud solution, Cloud Outsourcing to get a monthly hours bank of a Cloud Engineer, and Cloud Staff Augmentation to get a pre-vetted Cloud Engineer to join your team.