FinOps Staff Augmentation Services

Get a predictable monthly capacity of a pre-vetted FinOps Expert
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Last Update:

March 16, 2024

What is FinOps Staff Augmentation?

FinOps Staff Augmentation involves bringing in external experts to bolster your team's capability in managing and optimizing cloud financial operations. This strategy allows you to quickly incorporate specialized skills and knowledge into your organization, enhancing your ability to control cloud costs, improve budget accuracy, and align cloud spending with business objectives. With staff augmentation, you can address specific challenges such as identifying cost-saving opportunities, implementing effective chargeback and showback models, and developing more accurate forecasting methods. This approach is especially valuable for organizations looking to rapidly improve their cloud financial management without committing to long-term hires, ensuring they can adapt to changing needs and maintain financial efficiency in their cloud operations.

Our FinOps Staff Augmentation Services Suite

Our FinOps Staff Augmentation services are part of a wide suite of services we provide to help you on your FinOps journey. The service suite includes FinOps Consulting to build your strategy and gain insights, FinOps Support to get occasional help from a FinOps Engineer, FinOps Solutions to plan an execute an end-to-end FinOps solution, FinOps Outsourcing to get a monthly hours bank of a FinOps Engineer, and FinOps Staff Augmentation to get a pre-vetted FinOps Engineer to join your team.