Prometheus Consulting

MeteorOps provides Prometheus Consulting services to help you gain insights about your systems and applications performance

What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting system for collecting, storing, querying and analyzing metrics, with built-in time-series database and query language

Monitoring allows for a continuous data stream of system status and insights to be arranged in a user-friendly method that is easy to interpret.

Why use Monitoring?

Monitoring tools are a cornerstone process for any healthy software development project, as it can prompt messages to account for potential errors, warnings or problems to be aware of in a timely manner.

Why use Prometheus?

Using Prometheus in your project can provide many benefits:

  • Prometheus allows for real-time monitoring of systems and services, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues
  • Prometheus' built-in time-series database and query language allows for powerful querying and analysis of metrics, providing valuable insights into system performance
  • It supports multiple data sources, making it a versatile tool for monitoring a wide range of systems and services
  • Prometheus' alerting capabilities allow for automated incident response, reducing the need for manual intervention
  • It is a highly scalable tool, capable of handling a large number of metrics and queries with minimal performance impact
  • Prometheus is open-source and actively developed, with a large and supportive community providing regular updates and enhancements
  • Prometheus is written in Go, which is well-suited for running in a containerized environment, making it easy to deploy and manage

Why get our help with Prometheus?

Some of our past experiences working with Prometheus include:

  • Deployed Prometheus on Kubernetes using Helm
  • Used GCP's managed Prometheus service
  • Created CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, and other application-metrics alerts using AlertManager
  • Built elaborate queries using PromQL in order to analyze the systems being monitored
  • Created elaborate Grafana Dashboards based on data from Prometheus

How can we help you with Prometheus?

What is included in our Prometheus Consulting Services?

A Prometheus Expert consulting you
A custom Prometheus solution suitable to your company
Production Grade Prometheus Checklists
A Prometheus Expert doing hands-on work with you
Perspective on how other companies use Prometheus
Complimentray Architect's input on Prometheus design and implementation decisions

Get help from one of our Prometheus experts

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