Helm Consulting

MeteorOps provides Helm Consulting services to help you reduce the amount of work needed to manage your Kubernetes projects

What is Helm?

Helm, an open-source tool, facilitates the management and installation of applications on a Kubernetes cluster by packaging all necessary resources for a given application into a single unit known as a chart.

Orchestration systems decide where and when workloads run on a cluster of machines (physical or virtual). On top of that, orchestration systems usually help manage the lifecycle of the workloads running on them. Nowadays, these systems are usually used to orchestrate containers, with the most popular one being Kubernetes.

Why use Orchestration?

There are many advantages to using Orchestration tools:

  • Improve the utilization of CPU, memory, and storage usage by running many processes on a single machine
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of the orchestrated workloads: pre & post initialization & termination
  • Control the scale of workloads and the scale of their underlying infrastructure separately
  • Centralized management of workloads and infrastructure

Why use Helm?

  • Helm simplifies the process of managing and installing applications on a Kubernetes cluster by creating Helm charts
  • By using Helm, it becomes easy to distribute and manage applications, and also to maintain different versions of the same application
  • Helm allows for the management of dependencies, making it more efficient to handle complex applications
  • Helm offers a templating feature, which allows for easy modification and configuration of applications to suit different environments

Why get our help with Helm?

Some past use-cases we encountered using Helm:

  • Built a generic Helm Chart that can be used to deploy various types of workloads using slight configuration changes
  • Deployed both Stateless and Stateful workloads on Kubernetes using Helm
  • Utilized and optimized existing community Helm Charts to deploy workloads on Kubernetes
  • Managed the upgrade and rollback of deployments
  • Integrated ArgoCD with Helm to manage workloads on K8s using the GitOps approach
  • Deployed Charts on Kubernetes using Terraform and Pulumi in order to spin up full environments with their infrastructure and required workloads from scratch
  • Created Umbrella Charts to manage the versioning and deployment of multiple related workloads together
  • Built deployment pipelines using Jenkins and Helm
  • Created validation & policy tests for Helm charts and integrated them into the CI/CD processes

How can we help you with Helm?

We can provide you with end-to-end help utilizing Helm for your needs.

These are some of the services we can supply for your company:

  • Upgrade and rollback management of deployments using Helm
  • Use Helm to deploy both Stateless and Stateful workloads on Kubernetes
  • Deployment of various workloads on Kubernetes with slight config modifications
  • Optimization of community Helm Charts for workload deployment on Kubernetes
  • Create configurable Jenkins pipelines to deploy workloads in Kubernetes using Helm
  • Deployment of Charts on Kubernetes using Terraform and Pulumi to create full environments
  • Management of related workload versioning and deployment using Umbrella Charts
  • Create ArgoCD integrations with Helm for GitOps-based K8s workload management
  • Introduce validation and policy testing for Helm charts as part of the CI/CD processes.

What is included in our Helm Consulting Services?

A Helm Expert consulting you
A custom Helm solution suitable to your company
Production Grade Helm Checklists
A Helm Expert doing hands-on work with you
Perspective on how other companies use Helm
Complimentray Architect's input on Helm design and implementation decisions

Get help from one of our Helm experts

Helm Consulting is part of our DevOps Consulting Services here at MeteorOps