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MeteorOps has proven abilities in automating software development pipelines through our Jenkins consulting services. Our team of experts can optimize your workflow for increased productivity, enabling you to deliver high-quality software products with ease.
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Last Updated:
March 18, 2024

How it works?

It's simple!

You tell us about your Jenkins needs + important details.

We turn it into a work plan (before work starts).

A Jenkins expert starts working with you! 🚀

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Small Jenkins optimizations, or a full Jenkins implementation - Our Jenkins Consulting & Hands-on Service covers it all.

We can start with a quick brainstorming session to discuss your needs around Jenkins.


Jenkins Requirements Discussion

Meet & discuss the existing system, and the desired result after implementing the Jenkins Solution.


Jenkins Solution Overview

Meet & Review the proposed solutions, the trade-offs, and modify the Jenkins implementation plan based on your inputs.


Match with the Jenkins Expert

Based on the proposed Jenkins solution, we match you with the most suitable Jenkins expert from our team.


Jenkins Implementation

The Jenkins expert starts working with your team to implement the solution, consulting you and doing the hands-on work at every step.


What's included in our Jenkins Consulting Service?

Your time is precious, so we perfected our Jenkins Consulting Service with everything you need!

🤓 A Jenkins Expert consulting you

We hired 7 engineers out of every 1,000 engineers we vetted, so you can enjoy the help of the top 0.7% of Jenkins experts out there

🧵 A custom Jenkins solution suitable to your company

Our flexibile process ensures a custom Jenkins work plan that is based on your requirements

🕰️ Pay-as-you-go

You can use as much hours as you'd like:
Zero, a hundred, or a thousand!
It's completely flexible.

🖐️ A Jenkins Expert doing hands-on work with you

Our Jenkins Consulting service extends beyond just planning and consulting, as the same person consulting you joins your team and implements the recommendation by doing hands-on work

👁️ Perspective on how other companies use Jenkins

Our Jenkins experts have worked with many different companies, seeing multiple Jenkins implementations, and are able to provide perspective on the possible solutions for your Jenkins setup

🧠 Complementary Architect's input on Jenkins design and implementation decisions

On top of a Jenkins expert, an Architect from our team joins discussions to provide advice and factor enrich the discussions about the Jenkins work plan



Thanks to MeteorOps, infrastructure changes have been completed without any errors. They provide excellent ideas, manage tasks efficiently, and deliver on time. They communicate through virtual meetings, email, and a messaging app. Overall, their experience in Kubernetes and AWS is impressive."
Mike Ossareh
vp of software, ERISYON
You guys are really a bunch of talented geniuses and it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you"
Maayan Kless-Sasson
Head of Product, iangels
Good consultants execute on task and deliver as planned. Better consultants overdeliver on their tasks. Great consultants become full technology partners and provide expertise beyond their scope.
I am happy to call MeteorOps my technology partners as they overdelivered, provide high-level expertise and I recommend their services as a very happy customer.”
Gil Zellner
Infrastructure Lead, Hourone ai
Working with MeteorOps brings high value to any company at almost any stage.They are uncompromising professionals, who achieve their goal no matter what.״
David Nash
CEO, Gefen ai
We got to meet Michael from MeteorOps through one of our employees. We needed DevOps help and guidance and Michael and the team provided all of it from the very beginning. They did everything from dev support to infrastructure design and configuration to helping during Production incidents like any one of our own employees. They actually became an integral part of our organization which says a lot about their personal attitude and dedication.”
Amir Zipori
Working with MeteorOps was exactly the solution we looked for.
We met a professional, involved, problem solving DevOps team, that gave us an impact in a short term period.”
Tal Sherf
Techops lead, optival
Nguyen is a champ. He's fast and has great communication. Well done!"
Ido Yohanan
They are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise."
Mordechai Danielov
CEO, BitWise MnM
I'm impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery."
Dean Shandler
Software Team Lead, Skyline robotics

You need a Jenkins Expert who knows other stuff as well

Your company needs an expert that knows more than just Jenkins.
Here are some of the tools our team is experienced with.


A bit about Jenkins

Things you need to know about Jenkins before using any Jenkins Consulting company

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source automation server widely used in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes. It automates the building, testing, and deployment of software, facilitating a smoother and faster development lifecycle. Jenkins supports various plugins, allowing it to integrate with virtually any tool in the CI/CD toolchain, from version control systems like Git to build tools like Maven, and deployment platforms. Its flexibility and plugin-based architecture make Jenkins adaptable to any project, promoting automation, efficiency, and continuous feedback. With its strong community support and extensive plugin ecosystem, Jenkins remains a pivotal tool in modern software development, enabling teams to accelerate development cycles and improve software quality.

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is a mode of work where multiple programmers can integrate changes continuously into the same code.

Why use Continuous Integration?

The foundation of successful collaboration lies in the agreement on facts, while the key to achieving development velocity is through conducting experiments in the form of tests to validate the code's functionality.

Continuous Integration facilitates both of these processes by creating two distinct processes:

- The first process allows developers to agree on the "true" codebase, commonly called the master branch or trunk.
- The second process validates the codebase after changes are made using tests.

For startups, it is crucial to have processes in place that enable collaboration, and enhance the delivery of changes in a consistent, predictable, and safe manner. This is typically achieved by running automated tests after the introduction of a change into a Git branch or after creating a Pull-Request. If the tests fail or if the branch is not up-to-date with the latest changes from the main branch, the change to the code cannot be introduced to the main version of the code. Such measures ensure that non-working changes are not introduced into the main branch, instilling confidence in introducing changes to the system.

Why use Jenkins?

Benefits of Leveraging Jenkins for Automation:

  • Jenkins serves as a robust automation tool, offering a multitude of advantages for modern software development practices.
  • One of its key strengths lies in the comprehensive selection of plugins, empowering teams to effortlessly build, deploy, and automate projects.
  • By seamlessly integrating with various tools, including version control systems, testing frameworks, and deployment platforms, Jenkins optimizes the development workflow and fosters efficient collaboration among team members.
  • The user-friendly web interface further enhances its appeal, facilitating straightforward configuration and management of builds, accessible even to non-technical users.
  • Jenkins enjoys widespread popularity owing to its thriving community of users, who provide invaluable support, insights, and resources through tutorials and well-documented materials.
  • Scalability is yet another remarkable attribute of Jenkins, making it an ideal choice for handling large and complex projects with unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Incorporating Jenkins into your automation toolkit empowers your team to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and achieve seamless continuous integration and continuous delivery. With its versatile capabilities and unwavering community backing, Jenkins stands as an indispensable asset in the pursuit of excellence and success in the dynamic realm of software development.

Why get our help with Jenkins?

Our professional experience with Jenkins in diverse past projects encompasses the following key achievements:

  • Minimized Jenkins downtime by fully automating plugins upgrades and Jenkins configuration changes
  • Successfully deployed Production Jenkins servers on Kubernetes
  • Orchestrated Linux & Windows Jenkins Slaves on Kubernetes
  • Implemented robust routines for Jenkins backups and established quick restore processes
  • Proactively monitored Jenkins using comprehensive logs, metrics, and alerts to detect and address potential issues promptly
  • Developed Jenkins Libraries for seamless code sharing across multiple pipelines
  • Streamlined version control by integrating Jenkins with Github and GitLab
  • Strategically set up plugin upgrade testing environments to guarantee Jenkins stability before upgrades
  • Built Jenkins pipelines from the ground up and optimized existing pipelines for enhanced efficiency
  • Efficiently managed development for multiple services by integrating multiple Jenkins pipelines and jobs
  • Established a well-defined process for creating Jenkins Jobs and Pipelines in the Git environment
  • Strategically utilized Jenkins' parallel feature to significantly reduce the execution duration of continuous integration processes
  • Deployed infrastructure workloads on Kubernetes, AWS, and GCP, leveraging Jenkins, Helm, and Terraform
  • Our team's professional approach to leveraging Jenkins as a powerful automation tool ensures seamless integration and delivery of projects with unwavering commitment to excellence.

These accomplishments exemplify our team's professional approach to leveraging Jenkins as a powerful automation tool, ensuring seamless integration and delivery of projects with unwavering commitment to excellence.

How can we help you with Jenkins?

Some of the things we can help you do with Jenkins:

  • Integrate Jenkins with version control systems such as Git to automate the building process
  • Use Jenkins in conjunction with testing tools like Selenium and JUnit to automate testing
  • Integrate Jenkins with configuration management tools like Ansible and Chef for continuous deployment
  • Integrate Jenkins with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to automate deployment processes
  • Use Jenkins in conjunction with monitoring and logging tools like Grafana and Kibana to visualize and monitor the pipeline
  • Integrate Jenkins with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP to automate the deployment process on these platforms
  • Integrate Jenkins with collaboration tools like Slack to send notifications on build and deployment status