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Specializing in Cassandra Consulting, MeteorOps can help stabilize, fine-tune, and scale your Cassandra clusters. Trust us to unlock their full potential and support your business growth.
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Last Updated:
July 25, 2023

How it works?

It's simple!

You tell us about your Cassandra needs + important details.

We turn it into a work plan (before work starts).

A Cassandra expert starts working with you! 🚀

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Small Cassandra optimizations, or a full Cassandra implementation - Our Cassandra Consulting & Hands-on Service covers it all.

We can start with a quick brainstorming session to discuss your needs around Cassandra.


Cassandra Requirements Discussion

Meet & discuss the existing system, and the desired result after implementing the Cassandra Solution.


Cassandra Solution Overview

Meet & Review the proposed solutions, the trade-offs, and modify the Cassandra implementation plan based on your inputs.


Match with the Cassandra Expert

Based on the proposed Cassandra solution, we match you with the most suitable Cassandra expert from our team.


Cassandra Implementation

The Cassandra expert starts working with your team to implement the solution, consulting you and doing the hands-on work at every step.


What's included in our Cassandra Consulting Service?

Your time is precious, so we perfected our Cassandra Consulting Service with everything you need!

🤓 A Cassandra Expert consulting you

We hired 7 engineers out of every 1,000 engineers we vetted, so you can enjoy the help of the top 0.7% of Cassandra experts out there

🧵 A custom Cassandra solution suitable to your company

Our flexibile process ensures a custom Cassandra work plan that is based on your requirements

🕰️ Pay-as-you-go

You can use as much hours as you'd like:
Zero, a hundred, or a thousand!
It's completely flexible.

🖐️ A Cassandra Expert doing hands-on work with you

Our Cassandra Consulting service extends beyond just planning and consulting, as the same person consulting you joins your team and implements the recommendation by doing hands-on work

👁️ Perspective on how other companies use Cassandra

Our Cassandra experts have worked with many different companies, seeing multiple Cassandra implementations, and are able to provide perspective on the possible solutions for your Cassandra setup

🧠 Complementary Architect's input on Cassandra design and implementation decisions

On top of a Cassandra expert, an Architect from our team joins discussions to provide advice and factor enrich the discussions about the Cassandra work plan



Thanks to MeteorOps, infrastructure changes have been completed without any errors. They provide excellent ideas, manage tasks efficiently, and deliver on time. They communicate through virtual meetings, email, and a messaging app. Overall, their experience in Kubernetes and AWS is impressive."
Mike Ossareh
vp of software, ERISYON
You guys are really a bunch of talented geniuses and it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you"
Maayan Kless-Sasson
Head of Product, iangels
Good consultants execute on task and deliver as planned. Better consultants overdeliver on their tasks. Great consultants become full technology partners and provide expertise beyond their scope.
I am happy to call MeteorOps my technology partners as they overdelivered, provide high-level expertise and I recommend their services as a very happy customer.”
Gil Zellner
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Working with MeteorOps brings high value to any company at almost any stage.They are uncompromising professionals, who achieve their goal no matter what.״
David Nash
CEO, Gefen ai
We got to meet Michael from MeteorOps through one of our employees. We needed DevOps help and guidance and Michael and the team provided all of it from the very beginning. They did everything from dev support to infrastructure design and configuration to helping during Production incidents like any one of our own employees. They actually became an integral part of our organization which says a lot about their personal attitude and dedication.”
Amir Zipori
Working with MeteorOps was exactly the solution we looked for.
We met a professional, involved, problem solving DevOps team, that gave us an impact in a short term period.”
Tal Sherf
Techops lead, optival
Nguyen is a champ. He's fast and has great communication. Well done!"
Ido Yohanan
They are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise."
Mordechai Danielov
CEO, BitWise MnM
I'm impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery."
Dean Shandler
Software Team Lead, Skyline robotics

You need a Cassandra Expert who knows other stuff as well

Your company needs an expert that knows more than just Cassandra.
Here are some of the tools our team is experienced with.


A bit about Cassandra

Things you need to know about Cassandra before using any Cassandra Consulting company

What is Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, distributed NoSQL database system known for its scalability and high performance. It was initially developed by Facebook for its Inbox Search functionality and is designed to handle massive data across numerous commodity servers, ensuring high availability without a single point of failure. As a top-level Apache project, Cassandra maintains a robust distributed architecture with automatic data replication across nodes for fault tolerance, making it an ideal solution for handling vast amounts of data.

What are Databases?

A computer database is an organized collection of data that can be manipulated and accessed through specialized software

Why use Databases?

    The use of databases integration into any software development project out there is crucial, consisting of many useful benefits:

    • Databases provide efficient means for searching, sorting and retrieving specific information.
    • They help maintaining data integrity and consistency through the use of constraints and data validation.
    • Centralized storage allows multiple users to access and update the data simultaneously.
    • Data availability is ensured through backup and recovery options.
    • Access controls and permission settings can be used to secure the data.
    • They facilitate sharing of data among multiple applications and systems, improving interoperability.
    • Data integration with other systems is made easier, enhancing data analysis and reporting.
    • Automated updating and maintenance improves data accuracy and reduces errors.
    • They can handle large amount of data and increasing number of users by scaling.

    Why use Cassandra?

    Here are some of the key reasons why you might choose to use Cassandra:

    • Cassandra is designed to be distributed across many servers, providing high availability and no single point of failure. Unlike traditional database systems, it doesn't have a master node – all participating nodes are identical, ensuring there are no bottlenecks or single points of failure.
    • ‍Cassandra is highly scalable; it allows for the addition of more hardware to accommodate more customers and more data as per requirement.
    • Data is automatically replicated to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance. This replication across multiple data centers ensures that even if a complete data center goes down, the system remains operational.
    • Cassandra provides a high write throughput and can handle high read loads, making it suitable for applications that require fast and intensive data operations.
    • Cassandra is a column-oriented database and can handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
    • Cassandra provides tunable consistency. For example, you can set Cassandra for strong consistency, or you can loosen the consistency requirements in favor of higher availability or faster performance.
    • Cassandra allows for easy data distribution across the servers, and its elastic scalability feature enables it to increase and decrease the quantity of servers seamlessly without interrupting the running applications.

    Cassandra is typically a good fit for applications that need to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers and cannot afford to lose data, even when an entire data center goes down. Some examples include messaging systems, logs, sensor data, and so on.

    Why get our help with Cassandra?

    Some of the things we did with Apache Cassandra include:

    • Provisioned production-grade Cassandra clusters on AWS using Terraform
    • Optimized Cassandra's performance by tuning its configuration
    • Created backup and restore processes for large-scale point-in-time restoration of entire clusters
    • Performed Zero-Downtime upgrades on production Cassandra clusters
    • Architected Cassandra clusters and configured them for the right balance between performance and fault tolerance by tweaking various parameters, such as its compaction strategy and its replication factor
    • Deployed Cassandra on AWS with a topology designed to improve performance and reduce costs

    How can we help you with Cassandra?

    Our work with Cassandra allowed us to accumulate the tools, knowledge, and processes required to get any operation's Cassandra clusters to where it should be.
    These are some of the things we can help you build and improve:

    • Provisioning of production-grade Cassandra clusters on AWS using Terraform.
    • Optimization of Cassandra's performance by tuning its configuration.
    • Creation of backup and restore processes for large-scale, point-in-time restoration of entire clusters.
    • Execution of zero-downtime upgrades on production Cassandra clusters.
    • Architecture design and configuration of Cassandra clusters for the right balance between performance and fault tolerance. This involves tweaking various parameters, such as its compaction strategy and its replication factor.
    • Deployment of Cassandra on AWS with a topology designed to improve performance and reduce costs.
    • Migration from databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL to Cassandra