GCP Consulting

MeteorOps provides GCP Consulting services to help you adopt best-practices, save costs, stabilize, and scale-up your operation.

What is GCP?

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is one of the leading cloud services worldwide, offering a multitude of tools and services for managing cloud infrastructure.

It's possible to build complete systems on Google Cloud using its compute, databases, storage, organization, monitoring and networking solutions.

A few of the products they offer:

  1. Compute Engine - Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for running virtual machines
  2. Kubernetes Engine - Platform for deploying and managing containerized applications
  3. App Engine - Platform for building and deploying web applications
  4. Cloud Storage - Object storage for unstructured data
  5. BigQuery - Data warehousing and analytics service
  6. Cloud SQL - Managed relational database service
  7. Cloud Spanner - Distributed relational database service
  8. Cloud Dataflow - Fully-managed service for data processing and analytics
  9. Cloud ML Engine - Platform for building and deploying machine learning models
  10. Cloud TPU - Tensor processing units for accelerating machine learning workloads
  11. Cloud IoT Core - Platform for connecting, managing, and ingesting data from internet of things (IoT) devices
  12. Cloud Dataproc - Fully-managed service for running Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark workloads
  13. Cloud Datalab - Interactive tool for data exploration, analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

The cloud is a general term used to describe resources such as computing and storage that are provided as services managed by the cloud provider. Nowadays cloud providers offer a wide variety of services: Databases, Orchestration tools, Messaging queues, etc.

Why use Cloud Services?

Managing a physical data center and its resources takes time and effort, and its resulting resources fall short of the offerings of the various Cloud providers.

There are cases where managing physical infrastructure is unavoidable, for example, due to security concerns or even budget limitations on infrastructure.

However, the wide variety of high-quality services the cloud providers offer, the integrations between them, and their ease-of-use, all make it a great choice for building software on top of it.

Why use GCP?

Using GCP as your chosen cloud provider holds many benefits, including:

  • With GCP, you can easily scale your resources according to the ever-changing demands of your business.
  • GCP's worldwide network guarantees a smooth experience with minimal latency and high availability for your applications.
  • GCP provides various pricing plans, including pay-as-you-go and tailored options, to accommodate the specific needs of your business.
  • GCP partners with a variety of independent software vendors and system integrators, providing you with an extensive array of solutions to choose from.
  • GCP ensures the security of your data and applications through features such as encryption and identity and access management.
  • GCP enables seamless collaboration and data sharing across teams by integrating with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Why get our help with GCP?

Through our implementations of GCP solutions for our clients, we developed best-practice actions.

Some of the things we did using GCP:

  • Deployed and managed a highly-available and scalable web application using Terraform, Jenkins and Helm on GKE
  • Reduced costs by implementing compute autoscaling mechanisms, changing the VPC's network topology, and monitoring idle resources
  • Created alerts on various metrics and logs to proactively detect issues with GKE, CloudSQL, and other GCP products
  • Imported existing GCP infrastructure into Pulumi while refactoring the infrastructure and adopting best-practices
  • Provisioned infrastructure on GCP from scratch using Terraform and Terragrunt

How can we help you with GCP?

Some of the use-cases we can offer help with:

  1. Set up a new infrastructure on GCP from the ground up with Terraform and Terragrunt.
  2. Transfer your current GCP infrastructure into Pulumi and improve its structure and efficiency.
  3. Monitor metrics and logs to identify potential problems with GKE, CloudSQL, and other GCP products in advance.
  4. Minimize expenses by incorporating autoscaling of computing resources, modifying the network layout of the VPC, and keeping track of unused resources.
  5. Launch and oversee a robust and scalable web application on GKE using Terraform, Jenkins, and Helm.

What is included in our GCP Consulting Services?

A GCP Expert consulting you
A custom GCP solution suitable to your company
Production Grade GCP Checklists
A GCP Expert doing hands-on work with you
Perspective on how other companies use GCP
Complimentray Architect's input on GCP design and implementation decisions

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